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Necmettin Tarhan Feyzioğlu

Yalıkavak Sand House Sari Sodestrom Feyzioğlu, Necmettin Tarhan Feyzioğlu.


Kaplan İnşaat, led by Mr. Barbaros Kaplan, was the general contractor for the construction of our villa in Yalikavak, Bodrum. The villa is about 2,200 m2, including terraces, situated in a 1.2 hectare land. It is designed by Swedish architect Gert Wingårdh, who amalgamated Bodrum style with Swedish sensibility. The villa has an earthquake-safe frame, a complex structure as well as infrastructure, and high-end finish. 


Construction of the villa took two years, during 2015–17, and involved many different individuals and teams, managed by Mr. Kaplan and supervised by us. Construction work was finished within the planned timeframe, within the expected budget margins, and with high quality. During the process we got to know and appreciate Kaplan İnşaat and Mr. Kaplan’s strong traits.


Most importantly, Mr. Kaplan is transparent and honest. Working closely with him for more than two years, we have time and again observed that he shared with us all the needed information in great detail, and delivered on what he promised. His costing was fair and transparent, he assessed risks and shared them with us, and responded to all our follow-up inquiries. We always got what we paid for, not less. When he subcontracted work, he bargained hard to reduce the costs and passed on the cost savings to us. He also fully stands behind his guarantees—he has worked hard to stop a stubborn water leakage that materialized after the construction had ended. 


Mr. Kaplan has a competent team that can build a complex and high-end building. Kaplan İnşaat has a skillful construction crew, who have been working for this company for many years, reflecting the fact that Mr. Kaplan pays them fairly and ensures that they develop skills. Moreover, they make use of more advanced technology when needed. For example, they used lasers to ensure that all the lines of the buildings were exactly perpendicular or parallel to each other. Mr. Kaplan also has a large local network and brings in highly skilled workers to do specific jobs. For example, he has subcontracted an excellent firm to handle the water and sewage systems. 


We are impressed with Mr. Kaplan’s work and honesty, and would recommend him without reservation to anyone who would want to build a high-quality residence for a fair pr